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Individual Listening Sessions

Confidential sessions via virtual (Zoom or Google Meet), telephone or chat application (Whatsapp or Google Chat). 
*15-minute discovery session               FREE
30 minutes                                                      $35
45 minutes                                                      $49
60 minutes                                                      $60
*New customers only

Listening Session Package Bundles

Save money by booking package bundles of four (4) sessions.
4 x 30-min sessions (save $15)                 $125   
4 x 45-min sessions (save $21)                 $175
4 x 60-min sessions (save $25)                 $215

Happiness Coaching

Listening Education

Happiness Coaching coming soon! 
Details on educational sessions can be found in the Education section of this website.
Contact us for more information.

After payment, you will receive a confirmation email with information on your session method (virtual, telephone or chat).

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  • Please review the FAQ section for refunds, missed, rescheduled or canceled appointments.