Kind Words From Kind Humans


"iListen offered interesting insights and valuable inputs, created a tailored workshop for Students of ESL language, and delivered a great workshop in an interactive way for students at Ecole de langues. Students learned about the skills they need when listening, they practiced their English, and they also learned about involvement in the community and opportunities to practice their listening, comprehension, and speaking skills in English. I truly recommend iListen for workshops on the listening aspect of communication! "

  • Madeleine Ingram


"It opened me to listening and being more attentive while others spoke and to pick up on the intended content of the instruction and what people are talking about."

  • Darren Collins


"Employees would definitely benefit from enhancing their listening skills by learning from iListen. The key to being successful at what we do is learning to listen."

  • Cynthia  Vun Priest


" The ACT program and the participants that completed their Placement with iListen are forever grateful. 

 iListen was and continues to be the employer of choice for your ACT! Autism CANTech participants as it is an organization that walks their talk. They practice patience and understanding which was intrinsic to the success of our more unique participants. iListen took the time to give the needed extra one-on-one and was encouraging and approachable. They were able to create a safe environment through acceptance and respect. 

 In the end, the results have been that our participants have not only completed their placement successfully and gained work-related/employability skills they have also an increased confidence. 

 Thank you iListen for your support of our Program and your ongoing commitment to making a difference. "

  • Rita White, Advisor & Placement Specialist; Skilled Trades Program, Community Outreach & Workforce Development, Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning


"Thank you iListen for supporting the Autism CanTech! program by hosting the students for work-integrated learning.  iListen has provided the student with a comfortable, safe, and supportive environment to learn and apply the skills they learned in Autism CanTech! program.  iListen's outstanding support has boosted students' self-esteem, confidence, and added value to their work.  They have been extremely accommodating by customizing placements based on students' strengths and needs.  iListen's service goes beyond listening with ears. They listen with their heart as well, which differentiates iListen from others." 

  • Ly Tran, Career Coach, ACT! ,  Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning ITAL 


"It's always great to be heard by someone who takes the time to understand me."

  • Susan K.


"Instructor was very relatable and relaxed, she gave the students online and in-person the same amount of participation."

  • Melany Naranj


"I found it more than interesting and useful for life and business. Thank you so much!"

  • Pablo G.


"I got exactly what I wanted. Just with everything that’s going on, I just wanted it to be about me. "

  • D. L.


"You gave a lot of actionable tools. I have short-term memory issues, so you gave more tools to be an active listener."

  • Nyasha


"That was very interesting and easy to listen to. Lots of great information and discussions."

  • Andrew Sikorski